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Need-based Mortgage Solutions

I was planning on growing my savings and not yet purchasing a home, but when I chanced upon the perfect place for me and my bulldog, Callie, I knew I had to have it. Like many others, I thought I would use my savings for the downpayment and simply 'get a mortgage' for the balance. Little did I know that there were other factors involved in securing a mortgage such as your credit score, fluctuating rates, and so many documents. 

My experience has shaped my process when it comes to helping clients secure the right mortgage plan: transparent, need-based, and solution-oriented. 

My goal is to simplify the process for you, whether you are a first time home buyer or seasoned investor. Because securing a mortgage shouldn't be a daunting process when you get the right advise, early on. 


1200 W 73rd Ave #600,

Vancouver, BC V6P 6G5





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